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Welcome to Residence Life Cinema! Whether you're considering starting a campus movie channel or streaming solution at your school or are already utilizing our services, we have many resources available to help take residence hall entertainment to the next level. We are your solution for campus entertainment, student development and communication tools, helping you maximize the use of your campus channel or streaming service. Make the most of your residence hall entertainment by using our resources like awareness videos, discussion guides, etc. to address critical issues such as Flu Prevention and Campus Safety as well as to communicate timely messages like Hall Closings and Campus Announcements.

Members have exclusive access to a library full of educational content, thousands of movie titles from major Hollywood studios (including the newest releases!), programming materials to help make your channel or streaming service a success.


New Releases


We are very lucky to have such a great source of the newest movies and TV shows available. There's an outstanding number of people that know about us on campus thanks to our OnDemand and RHA TV, set up with a lot of help from Swank to make our amenity one of the most popular on campus! - Michigan State’s Residential Halls Association
Students say  the channel was one of the best things about living in the Residence Halls. -University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
Our video message board has turned out to be a great means to communicate with our students. We are able to post emergency utility shutdowns and more. - Northern Michigan University
Thanks for helping make our channel not only an entertainment success, but an academic one as well. - University of Pennsylvania