Awareness Messages

Residence Life Cinema has created numerous messages that can be used to educate students on important observances and life lessons. Use these as they are or create your own to convey important information relevant to your campus or students' concerns.

Awareness Messages are easy to use. Simply load messages onto your Digital Media Player to play between movies. With a captive audience it's a great way to educate students. Download these videos now by logging in. To request a copy of these videos or if you need assistance loading these videos on your Digital Media Player please contact us at 1-800-244-6173.

10 Tips to Make a Great Impression on Your Professor- WMV PPT

Presentation Pointers from The King's Speech- WMV PPT

What to do in case of Extreme Weather- WMV PPT

How To Get and Ace an Interview- WMV PPT

Driving While Texting Slideshow- WMV PPT

Community Bathrooms Slideshow- WMV PPT

Remember September 11, 2001 Slideshow - WMV PPT

Laundry 101
Utilize the below slideshow to help new students learn valuable laundry skills as they transition to life in the residence halls. Laundry 101 Slideshow- WMV PPT

To help you support your campus observance of Constitution Day on September 17th we have prepared the following slideshow. Constitution Day Slideshow - WMV PPT

World AIDS Day on December 7th observes a day to educate and inform people worldwide about a deadly disease. Inform your students about AIDS by showing this slideshow in observance of World AIDS Day. World Aids Day Slideshow - WMV PPT

Celebrate diversity on campus by observing Hispanic Heritage Awareness Month, September 15-October 15. Hispanic Heritage Awareness Month Slideshow - WMV PPT

Communicate the importance of fire safety by incorporating this slideshow into your programming schedule. Fire Safety Slideshow - WMV PPT


New Releases


We are very lucky to have such a great source of the newest movies and TV shows available. There's an outstanding number of people that know about us on campus thanks to our OnDemand and RHA TV, set up with a lot of help from Swank to make our amenity one of the most popular on campus! - Michigan State’s Residential Halls Association
Students say  the channel was one of the best things about living in the Residence Halls. -University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
Our video message board has turned out to be a great means to communicate with our students. We are able to post emergency utility shutdowns and more. - Northern Michigan University
Thanks for helping make our channel not only an entertainment success, but an academic one as well. - University of Pennsylvania