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Themed programming is an easy way to educate students in an entertaining way. Residence Life Cinema has compiled educational content, movies and ideas that help lead the discussion on topics that college students face daily. Click on the theme above for ideas and a list of content available to you from Residence Life Cinema. Download more programming ideas.

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Topic: Alcohol

Movie Discussion Guides: 28 Days, Clean and Sober, Dead Drunk: The Kevin Tunell Story, Leaving Las Vegas, Tender Mercies, The Lost Weekend
Educational videos/message slides: Alcohol Awareness, Campus Safety: Alcohol, Binge Drinking
Speakers: Invite representatives from Public Safety or Campus Police to talk with students about the repercussions of alcohol use on campus or as a student.
RA Magazine content: "A Shot of Responsibility" in RA Magazine's Inaugural Issue (Issue 1)
Updated titles: Burn After Reading, Cadillac Records, Finding Amanda

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Topic: Campus Safety

Movie Discussion Guides: Higher Learning, Backdraft
Educational videos/message slides: Campus Safety 101 (5 part series on Alcohol, Hazing, Violence & Harassment, Online Security, Sexual Assault and Theft), Building Student Success on Identity Theft and Hazing Awareness.
Speakers: Invite representatives from Student Life to talk with students about the Right-to-Know and Campus Security Acts and the obligations of the college to report campus crime statistics.

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Topic: Environment

Movie Discussion Guides: An Inconvenient Truth, March of the Penguins, The 11th Hour
Educational videos/message slides: Go Green Series on Recycle, Shopping Green, Eating Green, Reduce Waste, Small Changes, Paper Reduction
Activities: Organize students to begin a recycling or an exchange program of unwanted items as a way to reduce trash.
RA Magazine content: "What On Earth", "40 Days of Earth Day Celebration" in RA Magazine's Wellness Issue (Issue 3)
Updated titles: Cool It, The Cove, Food Inc.

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Topic: Onine (Illegal Downloading & Identity Theft)

Discussion Guides: The Matrix, Illegal Downloading
Educational videos/message slides: Anti-Piracy Education, Campus Safety on Online Security, Building Student Success on Illegal Downloading and Identity Theft
Activities: Help students order their free credit reports to ensure the safety of their credit history.
RA Magazine content: "Only You Can Prevent Facebook Blunders" in RA Magazine's Future Issue (Issue 3), "Identity Thieves Get Crafty on Campus" in RA Magazine's Relationship Issue (Issue 5)
Updated Titles: Catfish

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Topic: Sexual Assault

Movie Discussion Guides: Disclosure, No Visible Bruises, North County, The Accused
Educational videos/message slides: Got Consent, Campus Safety on Sexual Assault, Building Student Success on Positive Dating Relationships, Breaking the Silence
Speaker: Invite a representative from the Health and Wellness Office to talk about sexual assault and what to do if you or someone you know is in this situation.

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Topic: Health & Wellness

Movie Discussion Guides: Clean and Sober, Girl Interrupted, Falling Down, With Honors, Osmosis Jones, Reality Bites, Sicko
Educational videos/message slides: Please Understand…Overcoming Depression, Take a Deep Breath, Spread Your Sunshine, Flu Prevention Video, Building Student Success on Managing Stress, Marijuana Abuse and Sexually Transmitted Diseases
Activity: Have a "Regression Session" with a variety of children's toys, coloring books, finger paint, etc. to help students relax.
RA Resources: RA Magazine: The Wellness Issue (Fall/Winter 2010)

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We are very lucky to have such a great source of the newest movies and TV shows available. There's an outstanding number of people that know about us on campus thanks to our OnDemand and RHA TV, set up with a lot of help from Swank to make our amenity one of the most popular on campus! - Michigan State’s Residential Halls Association
Students say  the channel was one of the best things about living in the Residence Halls. -University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
Our video message board has turned out to be a great means to communicate with our students. We are able to post emergency utility shutdowns and more. - Northern Michigan University
Thanks for helping make our channel not only an entertainment success, but an academic one as well. - University of Pennsylvania